Join a community of stakeholders championing New Service, a next-generation youth service initiative.

We are a youth-led social impact organization committed to elevating the social value of youth service and co-creating youth service activities that map to the life skills that young people value.

We are a coalition of youth service advocates and innovators committed to a youth service ecosystem that works for everyone.

- Our Story

This is why we are doing this

We started Service Academy because we believe in the incredible social value of youth service. We don’t feel that value is reflected in the youth service opportunities available today.

Service Academy started as an interesting discussion about what we each had to give back to our communities. We continue this effort because it represents the kind of people we want to be, ones that take action, stand up for what we believe in. It combines our interests in entrepreneurship and social innovation, large-scale problem solving and working with people we admire and love. We have found belonging, confidence, esteem, learning and fulfillment through this process. And we hope others will too.

Ryan & Thomas Growney SG’24

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- Thank You

A special thank you.

To the dozens of people that have believed in us, supported us, given their time, energy, ideas, talents, money and mentorship to make Service Academy possible, thank you.

A special thank you to the incredible adults and students at St. George’s — we are so proud to be dragons!

And to our family including our little brothers, Henry and James who make us want to do great things to make the world a little better for you. We love you.

- Ambassadors


Ambassadors are students that believe in the value of meaningful youth service and want to do more to improve youth service in their community and across the world. Ambassadors are part of our team that will help raise the social value of youth service and improve the availability of meaningful youth service activities in their local communities.

We know that change, unity, and understanding are created from the ground up, by families, friends, and neighbors.







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