We want to help co-create a vibrant youth service ecosystem that:

  • Offers a wide range of service opportunities that young people value
  • Energizes and engages all community stakeholders (students, parents, schools, local service organizations and nonprofits, local leaders and employers) in the process
  • Strengthens the entire community by directing youth service energy to the most pressing social needs

- New Service

New Service is an expansive, more holistic definition of “service” with a wider range of inclusive, accessible social impact activities.

New Service is an entrepreneurship and leadership development practice with a purpose. The New Service mindset and activities develop your confidence, awareness, and social capital (network). Through making a difference in your community you increase your self-image and your social and professional value.

New Service is more than volunteerism. It includes social advocacy and social entrepreneurship activities; systemic, team-centered problem-solving challenges that appeal to young people today. Together these comprise a full range of social impact activities that can be performed in-person, remote-only, in teams-of-teams or individually.

New Service is an earned awareness. Through service engagement we develop a deeper understanding of systemic inequalities and cultivate the courage and skills to challenge them.

The basic behaviors of New Service are performed by millions of young people every day:

  • Practicing active purposeful kindness (social service);
  • Saying, out loud, what you care about (social advocacy);
  • Navigating the mutually interconnected network of relationships that connect us all; and having the courage to thoughtfully challenge those systems when it’s not working for you or someone else (social innovation).

These are fluid, interrelated, and complementary, common social practices of young people everywhere.

In elevating and democratizing “New Service” we hope to increase its visibility and social value. In highlighting the New Service fundamentals, we hope to lower the perceived barriers for young people to participate and level up these fundamental skills to pursue their aspirations through meaningful service.

- Future

We see a future where…

Young people across the world prioritize coordinated service action to address social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Service activities are frictionless, ubiquitous, and personalized.

A digital and dynamic youth service marketplace available on any device with a tap, unlocking transformative service opportunities for youth aligning action with the outcomes they seek. This ecosystem is where any person with any resources, interest, or aspirations can perform meaningful service activities, including drafting a team for a social innovation project or championing a social advocacy cause, that will make a positive, cumulative difference in their lives and their community.

Youth service opportunities are designed as maximally, mutually beneficial to young people, their parents, schools, local nonprofits, colleges, employers, and their community at large.

Young people are encouraged to apply their skills and resources to solve the world’s most pressing problems starting in their local community. #WeWantAccess #WeAreReady

Service experience and changemaking skills will have the same incredible social and professional value as the most highly regarded entrepreneurial, legal, creative, business, or political skills and experience.

Social Innovators are the new superheroes. #EngagementIsInnovation

Young people will use a shared language of purpose (vs. a language of achievement) to establish their life goals . This will allow them to create service opportunities to develop purpose-driven personal benefits and measurable social outcomes.

Youth service, like youth sports, has a well-developed Little League to college support and rewards pipeline to future life success.

Every young person in every community has access to tailored youth service counseling and mentorship programs, access to personalized service learning, training, and hyper-local service opportunities.

A community coalition works together to create thousands of meaningful youth service activities that spur community engagement and drive economic opportunity. #ServiceIsSocialStartUpCapital

The craft, creativity, and artistry of service achievements are celebrated in monuments and museums.

- Values

We strive for alignment.

We work to align our values and choices, our aspirations and capabilities, and our actions with meaningful, positive impact in the world.

We center awareness.

We have a growing awareness of our self-worth, our potential, and our privileges. We are aware of our responsibilities and the impact our actions have on those around us.

We stretch for growth.

We grow by elevating and empowering others.

We prioritize social learning.

We learn best with others by thinking, discussing, designing, and co-creating (repeat).

We start with acceptance.

We accept everyone as they are, including ourselves.

We create systemic change.

Through creative disruption, we aim to make radical, positive change by overturning existing conventions to benefit the historically underserved.

Agency is our superpower.

We rely on our capacity to shape our lives and future.

- Our Role

We are a youth-led social impact intermediary that is making the youth service ecosystem work better.

Through advocacy and direct action, we empower young people to accomplish more service activities that matter. We do this by raising awareness of New Service opportunities that align purpose to endless possibilities and through coalition-building of community stakeholders championing the co-creation of many more meaningful youth service opportunities. Together, we’re building a more robust youth service ecosystem that works for everyone.



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