Youth Service Research & Learnings

Youth service has a branding problem because of a lack of shared understanding about what youth service is and its value to young people today. This is clear from our wide-ranging interviews and surveys with students, parents, school staff, and teachers, and from researching social impact superstars.

A cornerstone of Service Academy is the learnings we glean from ongoing research and conversations about youth service. Our research will focus on advancing a shared understanding of the role and purpose of youth service. With that, we can create a larger, more efficient youth service marketplace with meaningful support structures and social rewards.

Card Game: Multiplicity of Pursuits

Play Multiplicity of Pursuits, a card game designed to inspire revolutionary ideas and motivate extraordinary life choices. This card game, based on Cards Against Humanity, makes social impact brainstorming fun. It’s a new way for young people to reconsider their preconceived notions about youth service and discover new pathways to help them achieve their aspirations.

New Service Toolkit – Launching Winter 2023

Download a how-to guide to create a modern youth service ecosystem in your school and community, inspired by the IDEO Human Centred Design Toolkit. Everything we do is templated and scalable so it can be easily shared, applied and improved by other youth service advocates. Coming Soon